How To Travel Solo Without Your Kids

Here is my how to guide to how to travel solo without your kids (and spouse)!

Step 1:  Plan to pack only one bag for yourself and be sure to include at least three or four pairs of shoes because you can

Step 2:  Actually put dresses in garmet bags and lay flat because there are no plastic dump trucks, dolls or sticky taffy in the suitcase

Step 3: Pack your make up and nice hair brush because you will have time to tend to yourself

Step 4: Arrange a taxi to drop your off at your terminal so that there are no messy goodbyes and you do not need to lug around car seats or strollers

Step 5:  Check yourself in at the airline counter. Yes, just you, you’re not wrangling a toddler.

Step 6: Advance quickly through security as you’re not taking off someone else’s shoes for them or picking up stuffy’s

Step 7:  With just your purse and hand, you are able to carry a coffee. Line up and get one!

Step 8:  When seated on the airplane, put your headphones on and close your eyes because you can

Step 9:  Take a nap if you can

Step 10:  Pick up only your baggage from the luggage carrousel, that’s right you’re not hanging around at oversize baggage for your stroller or car seat

Step 11:  Once you arrive at your destination, get a Mamosa and FaceTime your children to let them know you miss them

Step 12:  Get a good nights sleep because Lord knows this is your only chance.

Enjoy as it might not ever happen again!

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