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I tried my hand on channeling my inner Chris Hardwick tonight. Tonight, I launched a dystopian / misogyny trivia show called Destine Times on Facebook Live, encompassing pop culture and modern day “what the F*ck” moments (SPOILER: there’s USA politics in there) to classic literature and rape in John Hughes films (yes and the male character took the poor girl’s underwear as a trophy – remember that?).

We also dissect the lyrics of Hotline Bling, revisit #DresscodePM (a stain on Canadian political history), a moment in history where Trump was a chauvinist (so shocking, right?), remind the world that Lolita is a story about a pedophile and realize that The Handmaid’s Tale is too close to comfort right now (Margaret Atwood is brilliant). Have you read it yet? If not, you should ————>>>>

I have to thank my friends, Mike at Papa Does Preach and Dave at Amateur Idiot/Professional Dad for jumping in to be my guinea pigs tonight and test running this live show with me – they are a blast! Yes, Dave does have a fart gun in his hands.

You be the judge on how we did – I’m anxious for feedback!

It's the First Destine Times Trivia Game!

Posted by BLUNTmoms on Monday, June 26, 2017



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  • This sounds like a fun time. I am happy you gave this a try. I wish you the best. Thank you for sharing

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