Merlot It’s Me – Hello Merlot with Kathy from Unfiltered Mom

It’s always a great Saturday when I host Merlot It’s Me on Reality Moms! Tonight I had the pleasure of Kathy from Unfiltered Mom joining me! She’s a riot!

We made fun of my Canadian attire, popped a cork, laughed about what we are watching on Netflix and TV and we discussed the current state of parenthood.

Tap and tune friends, it’s a good one!

Happy Merlot It's Me, Hello Merlot with Unfiltered Mom

Happy Merlot It's Me, Hello Merlot… or is that bubbly in your cup? Join KathrynAnywhere and Unfiltered Mom for some giggles tonight!

Posted by Reality Moms on Saturday, November 11, 2017

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