Merlot It’s Me… Can We Call This The Holiday Season Yet???

Long weekends, turkey, christmas decorations everywhere, but it’s only November! Is it safe to say that this is the holiday season yet? I think it is and so does my friend, Lynne from Like A Mother, who was amazing enough to come and co-host Merlot It’s Me on Reality Moms with me this past Saturday night.

After we ridiculously count ourselves down just like we are back on TV (old habits never die), we get into talking about when we feel sexy (hint, it’s when I’m all sweaty!), the holiday season, fake Christmas trees versus real Christmas trees and send us more wine please!

Merlot It's Me… Can we call this the holiday season yet?

Posted by Reality Moms on Saturday, November 18, 2017


And for a fun flashback – here’s the episode where Lynne last joined me LIVE on Merlot It’s Me



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