Merlot It’s Me – June 17, 2017

This past Saturday on Reality Moms, my special guest host was Lynne Getz from Be Like a Mother. We chatted about creating an epic Merlot It’s Me road trip where we deliver wine, what?! That might happen!

We also talked about smart kitchens, oh yes those are real and we talked about… Beaches.┬áLake beaches, ocean beaches, some of the best beaches in the world to visit and above all – how awesome Beaches Resort in Turks and Caicos is. We both applied for Social Media on The Sand there – who knows, we just might make it! It would be so awesome to reunite there – Beaches, if you are reading, we are hoping and crossing our fingers for an invite!


Merlot It's Me! Hello Merlot with KathrynAnywhere & special guest Lynne Getz LIVE!>>>>> Like us? Reality Moms wants to hear more! <<<<<

Posted by Reality Moms on Saturday, June 17, 2017

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