Merlot It’s Me with Tiffany from hashtaglifewithboys – October 14, 2017

One of my favourite things to do is host my live show, Merlot It’s Me! There is nothing more fun to me than to have a girlfriends night in and have a couple drinks and chat about life, issues, parenting and whatever else is on our minds.

I was so lucky to have Tiffany O’Conner from hastaglifewithboys as a cohost tonight. As a boy mom, she has a lot of insights into raising young fellas and SHE HAS ABOOK OUT NOW called The Unofficial Guide to Surviving Life With Boys! Check it out:


And now, watch the replay of Merlot It’s Me below! I talk about my experience taking my son to Victoria’s Secret and Tiffany talks about her son’s first school dance!