There Was That One Time At Mom 2.0…

I love telling stories in the vein of American Pie. You know the way Michelle starts to tell Jim about her one time at band camp and what she does with the flute. It’s a really corny thing that I do.

So on that note (no, no flutes are involved in this story), if you are curious about the level of dork I can achieve – picture this… There was this one time at Mom 2.0, actor Taye Diggs (of Broadway musical Rent fame and TV series Private Practice) was the emcee of the Iris Awards. I’m not nominated, but I am there anyway to celebrate my friends and HOLD UP – this is where the story gets good, I hope I didn’t lose you…

Taye Diggs at Langham Huntington Hotel for Mom 2.0

I met actor Taye Diggs in the hotel lobby of the Langham Huntington in Pasadena, California. I shake hands with him with my right hand, he tells me I have a strong grip (side note, I really pride myself on that), so I ACTUALLY FLEXED MY RIGHT ARM FOR HIM and said “you should feel my bicep!!!” YES I DID.

Did he not reach out and grab my left arm, the one hanging beside my body, all flaccid and loose and say “oh yeah okay, nice.”

OH NO. Not only did I embarrass myself with a man after consuming some of the sure fire liquid courage, but I embarrassed myself with super buff guy, Taye Diggs. That guy has abs you can wash your shirts on.

Yes, I am available for parties as a side show act, please enquire in the comment section below.


What is Mom 2.0?

Mom 2.0 is where I found my tribe last year, where I become surrounded by the women that get me and I get them. Where pool side drinks at Mom 2.0I can be energetic and excited and like an avocado (you know, extra? Guacamole?) and not be judged for it. It’s the place I go learn, to be encouraged and where I can also encourage and help and share and teach.

It’s one of my opportunities to briefly get away from parenting and home life and responsibilities and do what I do best on my own – travel. Mom 2.0 is where I can sleep all starfish like in a bed and not have to share with a toddler or wake up to have to strip sheets because someone had an accident. Where I can have a mimosa with breakfast, lunch and dinner and it’s perfectly acceptable.

Mom 2.0 is the place where new Mom connections are made and old ones rekindled. Where you meet other women who have been through what you have been through, the trenches of the ‘hood – motherhood that is. Where you converse on the social media landscape, what’s happening, what’s going to happen, how to make rules, how to break rules and how we are all going to work through it together.

Mom 2.0 is the place I cannot wait to be next year and do it all over again.