What Not To Say To A Woman Who Is Pregnant and Overdue

Boy oh boy! When you are pregnant, people think they can say anything to you. Even worse, they think they can reach out and touch you. That’s a no no. I’ve been pregnant and overdue, twice! Both of my babies were overdue and clearly I got very crabby about the situation, especially during the last pregnancy.

My daughter went 12 days past her due date before I was taken in to be induced (before I finally gave in) and my son came seven days late. No matter where I went, everyone had something to say about how pregnant I was and it got under my skin.

I have compiled a list of things that should go without saying, but they were said, so I have to listthem for those who just really wanted to help, but actually made the moment a touch bitter…

What Not To Say To A Woman Who Is Pregnant and Overdue:


pregnant and overdue

1. “Wow, you must be uncomfortable”.

Hmmmm, what gave it away? The extra 30-40 lbs I’m carrying? The waddling while walking? The 3 steps of pushing myself up off the couch? The 4-5 antacids a day for the stomach bile?


2. “My second one came out 2, 3 or 4 days/ weeks early!”

Cool, you’re superwoman. Go away.


3. “Have you tried having sex/orgasm?”

Isn’t that what got me into this mess?


4. “Are you eating spicy food?”

So much so I have the runs. Pass the hot wings please.


5. “Get a prenatal massage!”

I did, it’s the only way I can walk!


6. “Take a walk.”

Okay, I have google too and can look up ways of inducing labour. They’re not working! Would you like to join me swimming laps? I bet I can outlast you.


pregnant and overdue

7. “Yet?”

Can I punch you in the face yet?


8. “You’ll lose that extra weight in no time chasing two little ones around!”

Are you calling me fat?


9. “You got so much bigger this time around!”

Gee, thanks for the obvious observation. You see, my body has done this already before and it

remembered what to do.


10. “That baby is getting bigger inside you everyday. Birthing that is gonna hurt!”



Are there any more I missed? What did you get when you were overdue?

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  • I feel bad for laughing at this, but it’s so true that people really don’t think about what they say to pregnant women.

    • HAHA! You’re so right! It’s like people feel like they can say anything! And then there are those who just want to touch!

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