About KathrynAnywhere

I’ve had itchy feet since I was a teenager. My parents took me on summer road trips every year across Canada and ever since, I have been hooked on the notion of always being on the move! Now, as a mother, my children are embodying my desire to see the world as well.

The name KathrynAnywhere came about close to twenty years ago! About to embark on one of my first international travels, my mother wanted to know how to get in touch with me , so I set up an email account for my parents to contact me as I travelled overseas, “Kathryn” for my name and “Anywhere” as in they could reach me anywhere I went..

My travels have taken me to South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Switzerland, Italy, Honduras, Mexico, Cayman Islands, St. Thomas, Cuba, Jamaica, Turks and Caicos, all over the United States and coast to coast of Canada. I’m a huge fan of Disney vacations, having made about 20 trips in my lifetime. Any time I am home in Toronto, you can be assured that I’m suffering from a severe case of wanderlust.

My family is very photogenic!

I am the mother of two sweet, beautiful and loving children. My daughter, Miss M who is 9, is an intelligent, voracious reader and talented artist. My son, Little Man, is 4 and I think he will be the captain of the Canadian rugby team one day as he is a wicked tackler.

I am perhaps best known as CIO – Chief Imagination Officer and as an Undercover Ninja over at OnFire Films. For many years I have worked away behind the scenes – I’m a Canadian Screen Award / Gemini Award / Canadian Cinema Editor Award nominee as an editor (lifestyle television and  documentary)  and sometimes I direct too. Some of my best known series work is Income Property (HGTV/DIY), Hockey Wives (W Network), Canadian Pickers (History) and Descending (OLN).

I have also conceived and conceptualized video campaigns with social media influencers to bring brand vision with their names and faces to life. One day I decided that I can do that too and here we are! Live stream videos that I host have been seen on Mom Cave TV, Reality Moms, Blunt Moms on Facebook as well as my own page. I have broadcasted live from Epcot in Walt Disney World (with their permission and with their PR people standing by) and have hit 56,000 views! I talk about parenting, wine, travelling, good food and whatever the audience wants to talk about.

As of 2018, I also have a web series with a couple other content creators where we push each other out of our comfort zones for a positive experience. We’ve had a blast filmng season one – check us out here: Wait What !

I am 100% fuelled by coffee daily and wine on weekends. Please send coffee. And wine.
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