Award-winning television editor and travel writer.

Bold. Brazen. Blunt. Thrillseeker. Adrenaline junkie.

Off-road 4×4 driver. Jeep Wrangler owner. 

Certified open water PADI diver. Waterfall chaser. Trailblazer.

2nd-degree blackbelt in Shotokan Karate. Mom of two. Toronto dweller. 

Country girl at heart. Happiest on snowshoes. Queen of ridiculous poses.

Craft beer lover. Local wine connoisseur. Amateur mixologist.

Proud Canadian.

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Welcome to KathrynAnywhere

KathrynAnywhere is a unique space curated by Kathryn Dickson, a seasoned traveller and award-winning television editor. This platform is dedicated to those who seek adventure beyond conventional paths, particularly focusing on adult and solo travellers who crave unique and immersive experiences. For those looking to explore the world solo or embark on adult adventures, KathrynAnywhere is more than just a travel blog; it’s a companion guiding you through the roads less travelled. This site is a treasure trove for those who cherish adventures and have an affinity for exploring the world of craft beers, distinctive wineries, and artisanal distilleries.​

Unleashing the Explorer Within

Kathryn’s travel narrative began in her teens, inspired by family road trips across Canada. Today, based in Toronto and splitting her time in Bruce County where the love of her life, Paul resides, she has expanded her horizons, venturing solo to remote and less-travelled destinations around the globe. Her travels span continents, from the vibrant cultures of South Africa, Namibia, and Botswana to the historic landscapes of Europe and the untamed beauty of North America. Each journey is a testament to her belief in exploring the unexplored and discovering the hidden gems of each destination. 

Kathryn’s travel adventures are as much about exploring new landscapes as they are about immersing herself in the local beverage culture. Her journey has taken her from sampling homegrown craft beers in remote Canadian towns to savouring fine wines in the rolling vineyards of Europe. Kathryn’s explorations extend beyond the typical tourist paths, delving into the art and science of brewing, winemaking, and distillation.

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A Guide for the Off-Path Traveler

Kathryn’s expertise isn’t just in travelling to exotic locales; it’s about immersing herself in each experience. Whether traversing rugged terrains in her Jeep Wrangler, diving into the depths as a certified PADI diver, or chasing waterfalls, her adventures inspire those looking to step out of their comfort zones. Her site is not just a travel log but a resource for like-minded individuals seeking guidance and inspiration for their own off-the-beaten-path adventures.

As a connoisseur of fine drinks, Kathryn offers a unique perspective on her travel experiences. Her website not only features adventurous travel tales but also includes detailed reviews and stories about craft breweries, quaint wineries, and small-batch distilleries.

Beyond Travel: A Glimpse into Kathryn’s World

Kathryn brings a unique perspective to the travel world, combining her love for adventure with her expertise in television and writing. Her background in documentary and reality TV editing and her contributions to various media outlets add a rich layer of storytelling to her travel experiences. She vividly portrays her adventures through her writing and photography, providing practical tips and insights for solo and adult travellers. 

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A mom of a 14-year-old daughter (Miss M) and a ten-year-old son (Z Man), Kathryn endeavours to raise the next generation of responsible explorers and travellers. Once upon a time, she travelled with her kids. Now they travel with her and take in the experiences that you can only find off the beaten path.

You can frequently find her with Paul off exploring parts of southwestern Ontario in their personal time.

KathrynAnywhere brings on webmaster Paul McGrath to the team

Kathryn is a proud co-founder of the Toronto Bloggers Collective and The Blogger Collective. She is often found behind the scenes figuring out how to make everything run smoothly or encouraging other local content creators to support each other.

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Kathryn believes in the power of stories to inspire and connect people and that every destination has a story to tell. She welcomes opportunities to collaborate, and is keen to share her experiences, whether it’s through her writing, photography, or sharing her experiences in television and media. Please see her Work With Me page for more information.
Kathryn is happy to thoroughly explore your destination and create a professionally written, SEO-optimized article, complete with social media coverage for a long-term advertising solution. Reviews of apparel, gear and equipment are also available. She can also pitch stories and videos to a variety of different print and digital media outlets. Feel free to email me via my contact page!

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Have an idea you would like to collaborate on in the future? Check out Kathryn’s Work With Me page. Feel free to contact her via the contact page.


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I Have An Actual Webmaster Now!

If you’ve frequented my website in the past you will notice that it was once clunky, was designed weirdly and not functioning in the best way possible. It’s all on the road to becoming a better user experience for YOU – my readers! To facilitate that, I brought on an actual webmaster to get everything working correctly.

Being a one-woman show while trying to keep up with content creation, web administration duties, working my day job, being a good (decent?) parent and having a personal life was all too much. While you shouldn’t mix business with pleasure, meet Paul. Paul shares with me a love of adrenaline, camping, whisky and country music and is the reason why I have spent so much time in Bruce County (southwestern Ontario).

Paul and I at Indian Head Cove

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