Would you like to work with KathrynAnywhere? Let’s connect to further discuss my television career, my travels, adventures, blogging, media coverage or what your marketing goals are. I can help you with original editorial and photographic placement in local media outlets. 

I’m happy to thoroughly explore your destination and create a professionally written, SEO-optimized article, complete with social media coverage for a long-term advertising solution. Let’s have a conversation if you can’t cross that frozen waterfall and need someone who can for content creation.

Reviews of apparel, gear and equipment are also available. I’m also able to pitch stories and videos to various print and digital media outlets.

Feel free to email me via my contact page!

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I’m pleased to announce that I earned the Norfolk County Travel Writer of the Year award on February 7th, 2019 for my coverage of Long Point Eco-Adventures and family-friendly activities in the area. What can I do for you and your area?


While I am a Mom, my writing and travel career does not center around my children. Here are recent adventure travel articles and musings on my blog:

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Falling For Silver Lake Provincial Park – Awesome Autumn Camping Experience

Winter Hiking Tips for Hikers of All Levels

Ride The Bine – Safe Wine and Beer Tours in Ontario

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Family travel content in Ontario is moving to OntarioFamilyTravel.com. It will still have a home on KathrynAnywhere for now, but some of my most recent family travel campaigns can be found here:

10+ Amazing Things To Do In Thunder Bay Ontario

Best Bay of Fundy Itinerary: New Brunswick Road Trip

Waterloo Region Fall Family Fun

Ontario Family Travel will be the comprehensive guide to the best of the province in terms of destinations and attractions for children, kids at heart and their family units.
The goal of Ontario Family Travel is to connect Ontario families and visiting people to the experiences within the province no matter the family unit or travel companions. Ontario Family Travel will focus on the exploration of the province and recount the goods on how children and family units with accessibility needs can navigate their way around. From accommodations of all levels and affordability to museums to sporting events, festivals, road trips, food and drink, OntarioFamilyTravel.com will cover it all.

Ontario Family Travel will be a companion site to KathrynAnywhere. These will be two separate publications and social channels with separate audiences. KathrynAnywhere will still provide personal opinions, first-hand accounts, and dry, witty humour and will evolve more into adult, couple, group and solo travel.

Please note that any endorsement given on this blog is my and my family’s viewpoint and does not reflect the thoughts, opinions or policies of any other corporation.

Let’s chat more about this – email me via my contact page!


Guest Posts

To those looking to write a Guest Post or place your copy on my website – I kindly thank you for your interest, but at this time I am not looking for additional writers and do not host free advertisements.  

Consulting and Speaking

As one of the founders of the Toronto Bloggers Collective, I have amassed an immense understanding of how the “influencer” system works, how to select the right candidates for your campaign and how to correctly track your return on investment. I can show you how to place your money into the right ads on social media sites and what to pay your content creators based on their levels of engagement across their brand and page views.

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In the television world, I am an experienced presenter, conversationalist, mentor, and workflow consultant. From my immense wealth of wide-ranging production experience, I can provide practical and useful hands-on tips, tricks and secrets of the trade for video production on a small budget and scale social media videos, live social media videos right up to large scale productions with budgets to match.

Why speak with someone who *might* know what they are doing when you can get the highly sought-after professional who actually knows what they are doing and does it all the time?

Video production panel at Dad 2.0 on San Diego, California with La Guardia Cross, Jason Kravitz, Meredith MasonyWorkshops and panel conversations can be tailored for the audience’s skill, interest and practical level, as seen at Blissdom Social Media Conference in Canada and Dad 2.0 in the United States (moderated by renowned character actor, Jason Kravits).  Multiple day intensive sessions on production and post-production also available.





If you’d like to discuss ways we can work together please feel free to email me through my contact page or fill out the form below and I will be in touch soon!

Total transparent disclosure: I don’t eat sushi or develop food recipes. I won’t host your sponsored article with do-follow links, don’t even ask if you can’t offer me $35 to do so.


And finally… Video

A common question I have received: “Why doesn’t your YouTube channel reflect your Television work and accomplishments?”

Working in video is my preferred realm, I am an expert at doing this. Due to the vast majority of my work being high-end broadcast for multiple distributors, there is a copyright infringement when I upload a documentary or episode of reality television to my channel. I get flagged as the content is owned or licensed by the network or distributor. I am happy to point you to a secure link where you can view some of my long-form work.

I shoot, direct, video blog, edit, colour correct, and teach it. I have my own Nikon DSLR, lighting kit, 2 Go Pro cameras, a couple of iPhones, a DJI Osmo and a mobile edit suite that I travel with. I also have two edit suites in my home fully equipped with Avid and Adobe Suite. Additional gear can be rented, please enquire.