38 Truths I’ve Learned in 38 years – #1

As I reflect on turning 38 years old last week, I think about how much I have gained in wisdom and how much I have truly forgotten in life. Forgotten as in, irrelevant information? Suppressed memories? Or lost in the void due to too many other things running through my mind at once – also known as motherhood or could also blame always working two jobs at a time?

There are, however some things that have stuck with me, in my mind and thoughts I’ve developed as mantras…? Or shall I call them truths? Truths about life, yes that sounds good. Truths about life.

Now that I have come to realize these truths, I have thirty eight of them, in honour of turning 38 to share. For fun, I’ll only share one at a time and elaborate on them a bit as I go. I might get soap-box-like or preachy and others are welcome to disagree. Cool, I’m not the gospel.

Here we go:

 #1 Truth I know about life… “The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.” – Dr. Seuss


Indeed, the more that you read, the more than you know. Read everything. Get out of your bubble and read politic opinions from the other side of the spectrum (that’s an eye-opener) and read the books your school administrators told you not too (makes you wonder what they are trying to keep from you).

Read newspapers, magazines, poetry, novellas, fiction, biographies, atlases. Use a book to escape, to withdrawn from the world, to hide. Fill your head with knowledge, run off to ancient lands, get swept up in a love story or forbidden friendship. Imagine the ruins, the vikings, the celts, the mountains and hills that saw blood spill all over them. Get inside the minds of world leaders, of athletes, of musicians. Find the motivation, the what, the if, the when, the why, the how.

The fun things about reading a book is if you like it, you can read it again and discover details you missed the first time around. If you don’t like the book, you can put it down and pick up another. It’s better than TV, it’s theatre of the mind!

A book is a dream that you hold in your hand.

–Neil Gaiman


The smartest people in the world are the most well read. The dumbest people (like Donald Trump) don’t read very much at all. Who would you rather be like? Einstein or Trump?


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