What My 8 Year Old Daughter Requested For Her Birthday Gifts

My daughter’s 8th birthday is creeping up on us and I’m on the hunt for what this girl wants for her birthday. Earlier in the summer, I spoiled her with a pink flamingo floatie and that was awesome. I’m hesitant to but too much and spoil her, but, she’s given me some ideas and since some of them are good for back to school (GASP, NO, I don’t want to think about that yet) – I’m going to list them below.

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1.) One of my daughter’s request is for some of The Land of Stories Books. Have you heard of them? They are Authored by Chris Colfer. Does that name ring a bell? It should… He starred in the hit TV show, Glee and now he’s a popular children’s author… #1 bestseller according to The New York Times!

So far, my daughter has read the first two books in this series and couldn’t put them down. She’s also re-read them at this point, so time for new books!


2.) I had no idea Nintendo was still popular – yes I am that lame and that out of the youth loop in terms of video games. Needless to say, I was surprised that a Nintendo DS ended up on my daughter’s wish list for her birthday. She even saw a pink one in a store and so, her wish in my command on this one… But with time limits 😉


3.) Emoji clothing! I have found some at Target in the USA in the past, but since I am not currently in the US nor have plans to pay for shipping from there, I’ll stick to my Amazon Prime account and shop the emoji clothing for sale there.


4.) Emojis have taken over her clothing and doodles and stationary, so no surprise that she has asked for an emoji backpack for the return to school in September!


5.) Now that my girl is turning eight years old (excuse me while I go sob in a corner), she’s outgrowing all her princess and character decor and bedding. So she wants a new comforter set. I’m poking around the website for Bed, Bath and Beyond and I have a few ideas. I know she is still into ;ink and lavender, but blues have started to creep in, so I’m looking to encompass a couple colours together – like this one linked here.

Any one else have a daughter in this age range? What is on their wish list?



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  1. Linda Manns Linneman says:

    Our children grow up way to fast. We need to enjoy each minute we have with them. She has quite a list there. I wish you the best in getting her these great gift ideas. Happy Birthday to her and God Bless

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