Award-winning television editor and travel writer.

Bold. Brazen. Blunt. Thrillseeker. Adrenaline junkie.

Off-road 4×4 driver. Jeep Wrangler owner. 

Certified open water PADI diver. Waterfall chaser. Trailblazer.

2nd-degree blackbelt in Shotokan Karate. Single mom of two. Toronto dweller. 

A country girl at heart. Happiest on snowshoes. Queen of ridiculous poses.

Craft beer lover. Local wine connoisseur. Amateur mixologist.

Married to John Krasinski in my dreams.

Proud Canadian.


Kathryn Dickson standing on the roof of her Jeep In Front of Schitt's Creek Hotel Set

Hey! I’m Kathryn, I Started This Blog Somewhere In 2017 As An Interesting Means Of Noting, Chronicling And Expressing My Travel Stories and Itineraries.

Now that we have gotten all that out of the way, hey, I’m Kathryn, thanks for being here. It’s nice to connect with you! I’ve been active in this space of internet property since 2017 and I’ve been a published writer since 2019. 

I’ve had itchy feet ever since I was a teenager. You see, my parents took me on summer road trips every year across Canada and because of that, I have been hooked on the notion of always being on the move. Now, as a Toronto-based mother, my children are embodying the desire to see the world as well. Seriously, my daughter asked to go to Cannes for her 10th birthday



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