Road Trip Planning – Toronto to Lake Superior Provincial Park?

Big news in our house – we are not hopping on an airplane down at Billy Bishop or in Mississauga’s Pearson International airport for our upcoming getaway! We are going on a road trip with the kids. We ended up with an unexpected break in work this summer – this never happens for me, I’m normally booked up straight through from May to March with work, but instead I had a start date pushed a couple weeks. Initially, panic ensued – unemployment for a couple weeks? No income after a month break and a couple shorter term contract projects?

And then, the panic subsided. I have time. A gift of time. As a family, we can actually spend tie together in the summer, OHMYGOD! THIS NEVER HAPPENS.

Since we have this time and because I’m a huge fan of the strange and unknown, I turned to Atlas Obscura for some inspiration of things to see, I mean – why not?! According to Atlas Obscura, there a couple places in Ontario to visit, including right in Toronto such as The Bata Shoe Museum. One little, tiny write up caught my eye – Flower Pot Island. I look it up on the map, it’s between Bruce Peninsula and Manitoulin Island. Okay – that’s driving distance!

We have decided on heading in to direction of the Bruce Peninsula, which is lucky because we managed to snag passes to Park’s Canada Discovery Passes for Canada’s 150. We have never been to Bruce Peninsula National Park, but we will now.

It was recommended by a colleague that if we are going that way, to take the ferry through Manitoulin Island and continue on through north all the way to Lake Superior. Our kids have not spent that much time in a car before and are quite pampered in their vacation experiences, therefore we decided that we are going to plan this over 5-6 days so we can break up the distance in the car. Happy kids = sane parents, right?

If you have been on a trip that way and have any recommendations of where to go and what to see, we are all ears!


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4 thoughts on “Road Trip Planning – Toronto to Lake Superior Provincial Park?

  1. Linda Manns Linneman says:

    This sounds like an awesome family vacation. You will get to see and enjoy so much more than flying. Have a great time

    • kathrynanywhere says:

      Thanks Linda! I hope 4-6 hours in a car isn’t too much of a problem for the kids! They can’t stand driving across town ;-(

  2. marthalynn says:

    What a fun adventure! I love finding the “unknown”. I’ve not used Atlas Obscura, but you’ve got me very curious. Thanks for sharing the fun times with us!

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