Why I’m Proud Of My Nation This Canada Day

What makes you proud to live in Canada or be Canadian? Our politeness? Maple syrup? Our flag or anthem? Our multiculturalism?

I asked my daughter and she said maple syrup. For some strange reason, my son said beer. He’s 3 though, so I take that with a grain of salt. Canada does have excellent beer and I am very proud of a lot of the local breweries we have at our fingertips such as Mill Street, Steam Whistle, Amsterdam and Bellwoods.

For me, I’m proud that we are not perfect. I’m proud that we know we have a long way to go.I’m proud that we now recognize that and look for solutions to better circumstances. I’m proud that we are still a relatively young nation in terms of the world.

I’m proud we live in a country willing to make the strides to protect and nurture our children and new citizens. I’m proud that we were founded on immigration and that we can take in the most vulnerable in the world and that we have a Prime Minister who stands up to bullies and has a handshake that commands respect.

I am proud of the personal freedom that we have to live, dress and work in whatever capacity we choose. I’m proud that we have choices and I am proud that I can see a future that all children in Canada, from the cradle to the grave, will have equal opportunity to education. I am proud that my bi-racial children have never once felt that they are less than they are because of ignorance or racism.

I am proud of our industry and technology and innovation. I am proud of the advancements in the medical field we have made and I am proud of our healthcare… as imperfect as it is. I’m proud I can give birth to a baby and not walk out with a $20,000 bill. I’m proud that if I was to be diagnosed with cancer that I would be taken care of and I wouldn’t have to decide if I wanted to take food from my children’s mouth to pay for chemotherapy or radiation treatment.

I am proud of the beauty, nature, water and mountains.  I am proud we are a mix or urban and rural. I am proud of coastlines, waterways and I am proud that we can freely travel through each province without check points or borders from coast to coast to see it all. I am proud of the lyrics in our national anthem; “true, north, strong and free”.

I am proud that we can that we have the ability to travel to and explore other countries and that the Canadian passport is well received around the world.

I am proud of our democracy and proud of grassroots activism. Our electoral system needs reform, but at least it is recognized that we want to do that and we are not oppressed or currently being hacked by a foreign country.

Happy birthday Canada. Here’s to another glorious 150 years!

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  1. Linda Manns Linneman says:

    I am so happy for you all. Canada is beautiful. I hope you have a wonderful weekend. Be safe. God Bless

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