Visiting Tiny Tim The Mini Donkey

tiny tim the mini donkey

Back in August, I took my friend Chris, from Rudderless Travel out to the metropolis of Apsley, Ontario to spend the day visiting someone very special. First, I got him out of the city of Toronto, then told him we were going to the country! He thought I was joking. We took a journey to visit “Tiny Tim The Mini Donkey”, his new friend Chip and their really amazing owners, Jody and Ted Topping. I had been keeping the secret in my back pocket that I happen to know them. I just knew Chris would have a good time there too.

We thought we were just going for a fun day of visiting and farm fun. However, Jody and Ted had something else in store for me. I got put to work.  I am a city girl, bear that in mind. It looks like I’m comfortable in those ugly, worn in running shoes and jeans. I’m truthfully more happy in a skirt or dress and heels. It was definitely fun on the farm.

Anyway, check out the video and see how I make an ass out of myself!

Driving a tractor was a new experience and it was really fun! I seemed to have mastered it really fast. BUT… in all honesty, what I cut out of the video was that it took me about 3 tries to get the tractor into reverse. It was brutal and video is about making me look good, right? I can now list “tractor driving” as skill on my resume, right? Right next to black belt in karate and open water diver.

The hay was dropped in the cow pen – is that what it is called?

My friend Chris made a video blog about the day as well, I recommend you check it out here to see it all.

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