Where in the World Would You Go?

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Scenario: You and your family (two kids ages 7 and 3 + spouse) have semi-agreed on a 3 month travel adventure departing on or around January 2019, leaving Toronto and starting from Hawaii so that there is ample time to save money and plan details properly such as what do with family home, how will we make income while we travel as well as foresee any vaccinations that might be necessary as well as schooling arrangements for the kids on the road.

So far, the only stipulation is that we have to start in Hawaii. From Hawaii, where in the world would you go?

We have decided that we can each come up with 3 countries/destinations that are on our list to visit and we will try to work out budgeting in travel and accommodations from there. My daughter’s first pick is Hawaii, USA and since getting her on board with this adventure is key, I will acquiesce to that. Her other picks for countries to visit at this point are Japan and India. I just bought: ‘National Geographic Kids Beginner’s World Atlas, 3rd Edition’ on Amazon for her so we will still if those still stick.

I’m debating a few things in my head, but so far I have narrowed my choices to Maldives, Seychelles Islands, Tahiti, Fiji, French Polynesian, Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Kenya, South Africa, Mozambique, Bali, Madagascar… So not a small list by any stretch and I’m hoping that 3 of those places can become a reality. I’m waiting on my husband’s list and my son won’t really get much of a say as he is still only 3 and probably doesn’t understand much of what we are discussing.

I just have no idea what the cost to travel from one destination to the other will be…?

In terms of what I am looking for in the destinations I have set my sights on, I like warmth and I’m a water baby. I love to swim, snorkel, scuba dive, relax on the beach during the day and dance around the fire at night, but I also love adventure travel. I want to hike volcanos, zip line over the forest and basically partake in any activity that will make my heart race.

My husband and daughter are home-bodies and I don’t think moving around a lot will make it an enjoyable experience for them, so I will have to think in 1 week and 2 week stays in places, maybe up to 3 weeks in one country. I’ve done some preliminary pricing on VRBO.com and I think we can do it provided these places are trustworthy and we are okay with small accommodations that are nothing like our urban metropolis in North America home. I’m good with it!

So… where would you go if given the opportunity?


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