You Don’t Want to Know Roatan

I have a secret… and this secret has been getting out slowly and I wish it wouldn’t!

It’s the island of Roatan in the Bay Islands of Honduras. My husband and I recently returned from our second visit there and we love it! Love it so much we want to keep it all to ourselves!

This was also our second visit to the Henry Morgan Resort in West Bay and our belated Honeymoon. Our first visit there was the best stay at the Resort, it was a (“baby-moon” and the rustic-ness had more appeal to me then, this time it felt shabby) and next time we return, we’d like to try the Mayan Princess Resort next door or swing around to the other side of the island to Anthony’s Key.

Anyway, getting up for those early Sunwing flights from Pearson to the Caribbean are a bit painful, but the trip is so very worth it! When you arrive at the airport in Roatan, you get off the plane on the tarmac and WHOA! You get hit with that tropical heat – good morning!

This week was extraordinarily relaxing and challenging… we were fortunate enough to fall asleep on the beach daily and get our Open Water scuba diver certifications! Mega props to the guys there and to Ruben – the instructor who was so patient with me.

The Henry Morgan Resort is in the perfect location on the beach to walk either way for shops, bars, more beach, more diving, great swimming, fantastic water, everything. Seriously… you cannot beat the location.

The Resort is an all-inclusive. There is a beach bar area that serves buffet lunches which is pretty much the same thing everyday. There is a restaurant inside which is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner at specific times. The staff is very friendly and will go out of their way to serve/assist you or even just to smile and say hello. They get to know your names and they greet you. It’s like a first class operation despite the lack-lustre food (some people think it’s great, I’m a spoiled Torontonian and I ranked this cuisine with what I had in Cuba January 2008). Drinks are a-plenty though and there’s never a complaint on that!

For the best food in the area, there’s a pizza joint and a lovely upscale restaurant just to the west and if you’re super ambitious, take a water taxi to West End and go to Sundowners. You won’t be sorry!

The coral reef around Roatan is the second largest in the world. It also keeps sharks out of the swimming area, but I digress…  According to “Roatan’s reef is home to an amazingly diverse population of aquatic life. The island has a fringing reef system: the coral reef extends directly from the shoreline. As a diver or snorkeler, this means that all the best sites are mere minutes from the shore.” And I will attest as a novice, that is was the perfect environment to get my certification – everything felt so safe. The team at TGI Roatan were top notch and I highly recommend them for your diving needs. The dive masters were fun and interested in everyone else having a good time and diving safely.

The end of the week made me sad, but we were happy to get home to our little girl.  We’re happy to do these trips child-free. While it’s classified as a family resort, there’s not much for the little ones to do there. We’ll keep it all to ourselves!

*** Disclaimer – I booked my trip through Fairytale Dreams and Destinations on Sunwing Vacations. I receive no compensation from either aforementioned company, nor from Henry Morgan Resort or anyone in Roatan, Honduras. These are my memories and opinions ***

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  • This sounds like a wonderful time. How awesome to be able to go for a walk along the beach. I love browsing little shops. Thank you so much for sharing this place. God Bless

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