Say Hello To Our Little Friend…

We have no idea how this keep happening, but we gets moths in our house a lot. The big brown ones that land in lamps or fly up your pants or my GOD – into my purse. It’s so bizarre, we live in the middle of an urban area and we rarely see any sort of flying bugs – it is not uncommon to see mosquitos and certain times of the year we do see gnats that fly around in those massive balls that if you run with your mouth open, you swallow a few. These moths that get into the house freak me and my husband out.

A few years back, we had a small moth problem – the kind of small, white, silky moths that get into your drawers and clothing and in your closets and eat little holes and ruin your clothes. They left eggs in drawers! They turned up everywhere and it took hundreds of dollars in dry cleaning bills, carpet steam cleanings and months to eliminate them. I figured out where they came from and now I have a strict policy on where new clothing comes from before it enters our house.

But these big brown moths, I have no clue how they keep getting in. If they are flying in and out the front door when we enter and exit, I would have thought we’d have seen them. Or they might hit us in the head like dung beetles as if you are driving in an open top jeep at night on the roads of Zimbabwe.

My head is very itchy right now thinking about this. Is there something in my hair?

The other night when I was upstairs with the kids putting them to bed, I could here the thump, thump and scurrying feet across the living room. When I came down, my husband was standing in the middle of the living room staring at a lamp – the kind that has the bowl with the lightbulb inside “he’s in there” he said I pointed. I knew instinctively it was a moth.

We concocted this plan to open our back sliding door, tip the lamp over and the moth would fly away? We hoped, we thought that’s what happened when we executed the plan.

Fast forward about a half hour later. I’m sitting in my computer chair and I feel something crawling, tickling, no wait… fluttering in my pyjama pant leg. IT’S FLUTTERING IN MY PANT LEG, OMIGOD!!!!!

I jump up and it takes off. We chased it for a little while and then it eluded us. I had horrific visions of swallowing it in my sleep. Or it flying into my children’s mouths while they slept.

I barely slept at all.

In the morning, the kids come down and find the living room and dining room less than tidy. We carry on, head out to school, daycare and work. When I brought the kids home later in the day, they were playing around and I was making dinner in the kitchen. My son brings me the moth in his hand; “Mom is this a bug?”


I throw a tea towel over his hand, trap that little f*cker and I tossed him in the toilet.

Moth = 0

Me = 1



11 thoughts on “Say Hello To Our Little Friend…

  1. RM says:

    LOL!!!! You are hilarious!!! Plus I loved this because it’s the same reaction I would have 🙂

  2. Linda Manns Linneman says:

    Oh my goodness. This little critter had you going. I am happy you finally caught him. God Bless

  3. Lisa Clark says:

    We keep getting some type of beetle in our house this season. I’m not really creeped out by bugs but one of my kids is and I have no idea where they are coming from. The moths pretty much stay outside. 🙂

  4. Lo | Seams Sew Lo says:

    Ugh!! It would totally freak me out if I had moth in pjs. I am glad you caught him!

  5. Elle says:

    LOL, I always feel vulnerable when these things come around. At first I’m like what is this? And freak out. Then when I realize what it is I don’t know if to just let it be or trap it. However I’m pretty sure as a kid I would just grab them and bring them over to my parents to show lol.

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