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Date Night at Ripley’s Aquarium

What wine would you pair with octopus? Are you in the mood for a sauvignon blanc? [...]

Say Hello To Our Little Friend…

We have no idea how this keep happening, but we gets moths in our house [...]

Why I’m Proud Of My Nation This Canada Day

What makes you proud to live in Canada or be Canadian? Our politeness? Maple syrup? [...]

Road Trip Planning – Toronto to Lake Superior Provincial Park?

Big news in our house – we are not hopping on an airplane down at [...]

Worry Free With Camp Sesame at Beaches Resort in Turks And Caicos

For those of you who have done it, you know that international travel with young [...]

Where in the World Would You Go?

Scenario: You and your family (two kids ages 7 and 3 + spouse) have semi-agreed on [...]

Move Your Body

Here’s a heavy hitter thought…if you do not move your body, your body will not [...]

Read Banned Books

As I reflect on turning 38 years old last week, I think about how much [...]

One Of My Best Days at Walt Disney World

I have a confession to make… I went to Walt Disney World Resort in Florida, [...]

Which Walt Disney World Resort Hotel Should You Stay At?

Now that we have already established why you should stay in a Walt Disney World [...]